Costumes of the Middle Ages

From Charlemagne to the Gothic period, heroic knights, religious orders, women of letters and troubadours shaping a thousand years of history, conquests and cultures.

Colour of clothing available in scarlet, ochre, brown and blue tones that enliven woollen cloths, silks, linen and hemp.

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Thumbnail of the Blue caped crusader knight’s costume

Blue caped crusader knight

Thumbnail of the Caped crusader knight’s costume

Caped crusader knight

Thumbnail of the Dragon knight’s costume

Dragon knight

Thumbnail of the Lady Frénégonde’s costume

Lady Frénégonde

Thumbnail of the Lady Hildegard’s costume

Lady Hildegard

Thumbnail of the Lady of the Lake’s costume

Lady of the Lake

Thumbnail of the Lady of the Moor’s costume

Lady of the Moor

Thumbnail of the Templar’s costume