Rental terms

Contact us

By email or telephone in order to confirm item's availability. Information may be requested concerning precise measurements, especially for cases where costumes may need to be adjusted.


All prices include VAT and a surcharge to cover the cleaning of costumes upon their return.
Costume prices may vary depending on the item and certain other criteria such as the fragility of certain costumes and cost of upkeep.
Special family and group rates.


Cash, cheque or bank transfer upon return of the item to be rented.
A security deposit in the form of a cheque to the amount of the total value of the item is requested for each rental and will be given back to the customer upon the return of the rented item.


Depending on the delivery location, costs are to be borne by the customer.

Return and exchange

Date and place of return are to be agreed upon at the time of hiring

Manufacturing terms

Contact us

By email or telephone. A direct meeting is also advised in order to determine exact model and fabric preferences. Regular fittings are also advised during the costume-making process.


Prices include VAT but not the cost of fabric and other basic materials (buttons, lace, edgings).
Price factors: cost of labour will vary greatly depending on model and fabric choices. To be determined on an item-to-item basis.
Special family and group rates. For any further questions or information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Manufacturing time

Please allow for up to one month's delay for the fabrication of more elaborate costumes (for example Renaissance or 17th century style)

Payment terms

Cost estimate: a cheque to the value of one-third the quoted price is requested at the beginning of the order.
For the remainder: we accept cash, cheques, bank drafts or transfers.