Costumes of the 17th century

Within the historical provinces of Touraine and Poitou, the Cardinal Richelieu constructed a luxurious château and a model city for his courtiers and servants where classicism, rationality and political engagement define the era.

Lace-embroidered collars, plumed hats, short and minimal doublets, robes and jewellery lead the dances and elegantly bring us into the early modern period. A barbershop is recommended to complete the outfit.

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Thumbnail of the Baron of Sigognac’s costume

Baron of Sigognac

Thumbnail of the Duke of Buckingham’s costume

Duke of Buckingham

Thumbnail of the Duke of La Vieuville’s costume

Duke of La Vieuville

Thumbnail of the Duke of Luynes’s costume

Duke of Luynes

Thumbnail of the Duke of Valombreuse’s costume

Duke of Valombreuse

Thumbnail of the Earl of Bridoré’s costume

Earl of Bridoré

Thumbnail of the Earl of Guiche’s costume

Earl of Guiche

Thumbnail of the formal costume of musketeer of the King’s costume

Formal costume of musketeer of the King

Thumbnail of the Gaston of Orléans’ costume

Gaston of Orléans

Thumbnail of the Jean Guiton of La Rochelle’s costume

Jean Guiton of La Rochelle

Thumbnail of the Jehan the shepherd’s costume

Jehan the shepherd

Thumbnail of the Lord of Bouchard’s costume

Lord of Bouchard

Thumbnail of the Louis XIII’s costume

Louis XIII

Thumbnail of the Musketeer of the King’s costume

Musketeer of the King

Thumbnail of the Sir Richmond’s costume

Sir Richmond

Thumbnail of the Sirs of Bois Doré’s costumes

Sirs of Bois Doré

Thumbnail of the Viscount of Descartes’ costume

Viscount of Descartes

Thumbnail of the William of Ars’ costume

William of Ars