Costumes of the 19th century

During the 19th century, fashion evolved rapidly with the changes involved by the industrial revolution and new way of life. Continental Europe was made of areas, regions and villages with their own identity, developed from the history and culture of their inhabitants.

Flat silhouette during the first period is replaced by full skirts, corsets, bustles and top hats during the Victorian period before the less restrictive style in 1890 for the wealthy. Traditional garments of the peasantry came to serve as models of these precious countryside identities which disappeared in the early 20th century?

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Thumbnail of the Charles Bingley’s costume

Charles Bingley

Thumbnail of the Rabbi of Eastern Europe’s costume

Eastern Europe rabbi

Thumbnail of the headwaiter Rudolph’s costume

Headwaiter Rudolph

Thumbnail of the Igor Russian peasant’s costume

Igor Russian peasant

Thumbnail of the Mister Paul’s costume

Mister Paul

Thumbnail of the Vladimir Russian peasant’s costume

Vladimir Russian peasant