Costumes of the Renaissance

From the royal residence of the Château de Blois, to the riverside Château de Montsoreau, the whole of the Loire Valley bears witness to the political rivalries and romances of the final days of the House of Valois.

Elegance, finesse and lavishness characterise these costumes: silk, velvet, puff-and-slash, pearls and jewellery adorn the doublets and jewellery of this period.

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Thumbnail of the Ann of Brittany’s costume

Ann of Brittany

Thumbnail of the Catherine de’ Medici’s costume

Catherine de’ Medici

Thumbnail of the Countess Palatine's costume

Countess Palatine

Thumbnail of the Duchess of the Marche’s costume

Duchess of the Marche

Thumbnail of the Duchess of the Perron’s costume

Duchess of the Perron

Thumbnail of the Duchess of Valentinois’ costume

Duchess of Valentinois

Thumbnail of the Eleonor of Toledo's costume

Eleonor of Toledo

Thumbnail of the Élisabeth de Bourbon’s costume

Élisabeth de Bourbon

Thumbnail of the Handmaiden's costume


Thumbnail of the Joan of France’s costume

Joan of France

Thumbnail of the Lady of Marignano’s costume

Lady of Marignano

Thumbnail of the Lady of the Cloth of Gold meeting's costume

Lady of the Cloth of Gold meeting

Thumbnail of the Marguerite of Arcons’ costume

Marguerite of Arcons

Thumbnail of the Mary of Bourbon’s costume

Mary of Bourbon

Thumbnail of the Queen Claude's costume

Queen Claude

Thumbnail of the Venitian lady’s costume

Venitian lady