Costumes of the Renaissance

From the royal residence of the Château de Blois, to the riverside Château de Montsoreau, the whole of the Loire Valley bears witness to the political rivalries and romances of the final days of the House of Valois.

Elegance, finesse and lavishness characterise these costumes: silk, velvet, puff-and-slash, pearls and jewellery adorn the doublets and jewellery of this period.

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Thumbnail of the Baron of Soubise’s costume

Baron of Soubise

Thumbnail of the Earl of Lille’s costume

Earl of Lille

Thumbnail of the Francis of Anjou’s costume

Francis of Anjou

Thumbnail of the François Rabelais' costume

François Rabelais

Thumbnail of the Huguenot of La Rochelle’s costume

Huguenot of La Rochelle

Thumbnail of the Leo X's costume

Leo X

Thumbnail of the Leonardo da Vinci's costume

Leonardo da Vinci

Thumbnail of the Lord of Castlebridge’s costume

Lord of Castlebridge

Thumbnail of the Lord of Pradel’s costume

Lord of Pradel

Thumbnail of the Louis d’Amboise’s costume

Louis d’Amboise

Thumbnail of the Marquess of Rosny’s costume

Marquess of Rosny

Thumbnail of the Olivier de Serres’ costume

Olivier de Serres

Thumbnail of the Pierre de Ronsard's costume

Pierre de Ronsard

Thumbnail of the Viscount of Tavant’s costume

Viscount of Tavant